About brokers in a single territory


I want to know how the brokers in the same territory share the document types.Let me explain the situation.

I have two IS (1 and 2 ).I have two brokers (B1 and B2) on the same Broker server. Now 1 is configured to B1 and 2 is configured to B2.Now these two brokers B1 and B2 are in the same territory. So I created a document type in IS 1 and made publishable and now i see the corresponding document type created in both the brokers(B1 and B2) .Now when i publish the document from IS 1(the one where i have created the document)so i see a document published in broker B1 but not in B2 .So the brokers in a single territory will have only the document types knowledge but not the data what it has published
Am i right …?
So the clients(triggers) on broker on B2 will not be invoked when this document is published in broker 1?

Can I have an over view of the advantages what i can have when i have two brokers in a single territory and these two brokers are connected to two different IS ?

Hi developer,
you should register when you get the chance. On Broker #2 you will still need a client subscribing (created in IS) to the document and that document will need to exist in that IS server (IS 2). The brokers will synch themselves but the IS servers will not.

As far as architecture goes, are you trying to cluster these servers or are the IS Servers performing different functions? If they are performing different functions then I would create individual broker territories for each broker and then connect them by a gateway. Then you can select only the individual document(s) that need to be shared across the two. They will synch automatically but you will still need to synch the IS servers. HTH.


Hi Mark

Thank you for your reply . I will soon register in wmusers. I think for the clients on IS 2 to subscribe this document they should first create a document type from broker doc type in IS2(which exists in both the brokers and also in IS 1) . By doing this we can have the document in IS2. Now a subscription(trigger )defined in IS2 for that document . and that document is published in IS1 ,so in this scenario does the trigger defined in IS2 invoke ?

I dont think so because when i see in brokers i see that this document is published in B1(where it is published) and in broker 2 it is not published .(means no of times that document published has not increased)

So while two brokers are in a territory we can only share the document between them ,but published data is not shared between brokers and hence it is not shared between the IS1 and IS2 and so the client on IS 2 will not be invoked ?

Am i right ?

If you have the document defined in both IS servers (important that you defined it in the same place ie package structure, folders etc) and the document has been sync with a broker that shares a territory with another broker, then any trigger service on either IS server subscribing to that document will get executed. If it is not working, check your configuration. Make sure your permissions for can subscribe and can publish on both brokers are set for this particular document.