Trigger issue

in wM 8.2 triggers(Serial mode) are not picking the messages from trigger queue. When we are making that trigger property as concurrent then its started to subscribe and process the message. After some times its showing the error
like loosing the connection with broker.

But actual requirement is messages needs to be processed in serial mode.

If we are making that trigger back to serial then its working sometimes, but again we are receiving the error like loosing connection with broker.

Beauty is, this issue for some triggers only not for all.

Do we have any fix for this issue or how we could resolve this issue.

Andrews Gp

Try the below steps, see if this helps;

1> Delete and re-create the affected triggers via developer/designer
2> Sync document types to broker
3> Log into the MWS and see if all the clients (triggers) shows connected "YES"

Can you post the complete error "loosing the connection with broker". Make sure your IS is connected to broker. If possible restart the Broker Monitor/Server.

Is synchronous message passing possible in brocker?


then y we are going with asynchronous mechanisam

can u please explain me?

webMethods support both synchronous and asynchronous messaging. The choice is based on your project/design requirement.

What is your main objective here that you are looking for?

Are you having a cluster of 2 or more IS using these queues?

If not you might want to choose the trigger settings as Concurrent with only one thread assigned.
This guarantees serial processing with using the performance benefit of the concurrent triggers.

If you really need serial triggers (required for clustered ISes), you will have to delete the queue client on the broker and reload the package which contains the trigger for reconnecting.
This will create a new queue client on the broker with the proper parameters.

There should be an error message in the server log that the trigger was not able to reconnect to the queue due to a mismatch in the processing mode.

Check the following Wiki-Article for further information: