Trigger Filter Query


I have the following query , would appreciate if anyone can answer.

I am using a trigger to subscribe to a publishable document which has a filter %location/header/locationNumber%L_EQUALS"1387" ( locationNumber is unistring).

When I run a transaction with locationNumber other than 1387 the server log shows [649]2004-01-09 11:08:06 EST [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:XXX.subscriptions.inbound.location:locationUpdate received 1 Documents from Broker.

Does this means that the trigger filter is not working at the Broker and the filtering is not taking place at the Broker.

The trigger is saved successfully and works fine in IS.


I had some trigger discussions on this subjects before. I think from 6.0.1 GA release the Trigger filters are no longer set on the broker its an option. With Enterprise tools you could assign to save a filter to be on the broker and ignore IS dispatcher. Now its goes to IS dispatcher by default. However, if you are using shred state queue the filters are saved adn working on the broker side. Although not 100% sure but I recall WM support confirmed this design change after 6.0.1 release.

Hello Igor:
If you look in the Broker manager under clients you can find the list of Triggers you created. You can select the subscription for the Trigger here and you should see the filter you created listed if the filter is being evaluated at the Broker level. The syntax for the Broker is different than for IS. I think you may want to try the syntax, %locationNumber% L_EQUALS “1387”.
Sue G.