TrendMiner 2019.R3

TrendMiner 2019.R3 allows process manufacturing enterprises to build an analytics-driven Production Cockpit, providing real-time actionable business insights to control operational performance. Each stakeholder from “control room to boardroom” can have their own actionable Production Cockpit; complete with dashboard, analytics suite and agile communications facilities. It also streamlines the flow of information between shifts, from shift teams to engineers and can provide live production views and historical analysis from the remotest factory to expertise located anywhere. We have also extended the capabilities for cross and inter-departmental collaboration, provide cross-asset performance analysis and provide webhooks to trigger workflows in and from 3rd party business applications. Deeper integration with external systems such as SAP can be done through the support of Software AG’s webMethods. This latest TrendMiner release is of particular interest to companies in the chemicals, oil & gas, water & wastewater, utilities, pharmaceuticals, food processing and metals & mining sectors.

TrendMiner 2019.R3 enhancement overview:

  • Production Cockpit with LIVE mode and alert tiles, which can be exported in HTML format
  • Create Comments & attachments to context items for inter- and cross departmental collaboration
  • Value based search across similar assets for fleet wide performance analysis
    • Use webhook-integration to continue workflows in 3rd party business applications based on events monitored in TrendMiner
    • Control access rights to (parts of) the asset framework to align with your corporate structure
    • A variety of application enhancements based on customer feedback and to complete development themes in our product
    • Addition of an In-App on-boarding and engagement tool

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