TrendMiner 2019.R2

TrendMiner is a self-service advanced analytics platform for time series data enabling subject matter experts in the process manufacturing industry to analyze, monitor and predict process and asset performance in their operational context to improve operational excellence and overall profitability

TrendMiner 2019.R2 Release introduces the following new capabilities:

  • NEW DashHub : consolidate the results of your analytics projects and visualize them in a visually-appealing manner in a new central location. Here, TrendHub and ContextHub views can be displayed in the form of resizable tiles to create dashboards of your design
  • Context item fields : add extra structured information to your context items, by adding fields like; quality results, batch numbers, campaigns or a work order from a 3rd party system.
  • Additional ContextHub Improvements :
    • additional filters for description, created by, and all extra properties added by the context item fields;
    • easily configure which columns should be visible;
    • directly visualize context items in TrendHub with the push of a button
  • User-Driven TrendHub Enhancements :
    • directly have a high-resolution result of your work in TrendMiner to copy-paste into reports or emails
    • easily update your views by making the necessary changes first, then overwrite the existing view
  • Unified application top-bar : new top-bar allowing for easy navigation between TrendHub, ContextHub and the new DashHub drivers
  • Improved ConfigHub : a completely re-styled interface for TrendMiner for system administrators to monitor the key services of TrendMiner, manage the application license and back-ups, and to configure security in one central location.

Note : This release is a fully supported general release (i.e. it is not an innovation release).

TrendMiner 2019.R2 release notes are available on request.