\"transformHierarchyToFlat\" Service

Hello All,
We need to convert the Hierarchial IDOC format into Flat RFC format, so as to send it across into SAP.

    The "transformHierarchyToFlat" service in SAPBC is returning BLANK Control Record and Data Records.  The input to the service is the bound note to which the IDOC data namely standard ORDERS05 is mapped. 

Any help in very much appreciated and thanks in advance

my guess answer is pls check the Bound Node Record which you are using as a input to
transform_HierarchytoFlat RFC.

Since may be boundnode which you have created using documentToRecord from IDOC (ORDRSP05),the problem may be in IDOC itself,pls check the structure in it whether important data or control records may be missing in segments.

This might be some clue for your problem.