Transformer cannot loop over List elements

Hi All,

I am encountering ERROR: Transformer cannot loop over List elements, while using concat built in service. I am passing one string which is inside a document reference list to the transformer (CONCAT). Can somebody shed some light upon this issue?



Yes,the transformer cannot loop over list can loop over the list and store the list variables whatever you are going to concatenate into some variables in the pipeline and then call concat or do whatever.


It’s possible that you need to set the instance of the list that you need to concatenate. In this case, click on the line between the transformer and your source field, (in version 6.1) in the right panex click on indices/edit and put in which instance of the list you need here.

If you are in 6.1 SP1 and you using the instance of the list, variable substitution and transformer together in a flow step, you have to apply this fix:

Advantage link

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