TRansfer values from one adapter to another in Flow Service

Scenario: I have created two adapter services using JDE Enterprise One Connection.
I have created a flow service and execute them sequentially.
Within the flow service,The output value of AdapterService1 is mapped to the input variable of AdapterService2.

Problem: The output given by AdapterService1 doesnt get passed to the input of AdapterService2. As a result the output of AdapterService2 is a blank node.
How do i pass the out of AdapterService1 as an input of AdapterService2 within a flow service.

run the service in trace mode and check whether adapter1 service is giving any output.


you have to loop on the output(results) of adapter service 1 and give the inputs to the adapater service 2
In the adapater service 2 check whether how you are taking in the input i.e string or not