Transfer reports to an pen server as text file


We are running Natural/Adabas under vse.
Until now, we usually prints directly to a printer.
Now, we want to send the lst as txt file using ftp to windows server.
unfortunately, the lst in vse suppress all empty lines and keeps control character.
while transfering as txt file, all the empty lines are removed.
We need the blank lines to keep the report as it shown on printer.
Do you have an idea??


Have you tried the NATPAGE facility? It is implemented via the terminal commands %E, %I, %O, %P, %S.

However, if the problem is in the ftp step, this would probably not work either.

If you have access to Entire System Server, you can create a file formatted as you’d like. This would require changes to your Natural program, however.

Otherwise, you may have to write your own program that processes the control characters and inserts the blank lines. This could be done either in VSE, using language of choice (I would use assembler or a 3GL, personally) or on the target system (probably the better choice). I have a Perl script that interprets the machine control characters and inserts form feeds, carriage returns, or the proper number of new lines.