Natural on Linux


We have just migrate form VM/VSE to Linux platform.
We need some help on several issues that still troubled us:

  1. We are using ET-DATA (in some cases), for some batches.
    How can we download the data from Adabas on the VSE, and load it to Adabas/Linux?

  2. Print a report - We encounter that there is no “Page break” on the Linux output.
    Is it true, or we just configured the printer not correctly?

With Regards,

  1. Open Systems print files don’t reserve the first position for carriage control, as IBM does with its standard ASA characters. But you will find a page eject character - H’0C’.

  2. Do you mean that jobs which failed on the VSE box are being restarted on the Unix box? It may not be worth the trouble to dump the Checkpoint file to extract ET data, because restart deals with sequences and IBM uses EBCDIC collating sequence while Unix uses ASCII.

Hi Ralph,

  1. Yes we know, but we noticed the printer does not effect form page eject.
    It just continue to print with no page break.
    Maybe, our definition on Linux is not right & and defining the printer in the script?
    Can you post me a script example with printer def (include the Nat code program)?
  2. We store in the check point file in VSE also Businnes data to submit the next day job.
    So, we need to download it form the VSE & store it on Linux.