Transaction commits without issuing commit

Using IS 6.1

I do a …

pub.db:clearTransaction ( just in case... )

then my flow service executes numerous steps and meanders through numerous other flows services using pub.db:execSQL, pub.db:update , pub.db:delete ,etc ( all using the same conn object I used to startTransaction )

If at some point an update or insert fails, I trap it and perform a rollback.

Problem is, the transaction doesn’t rollback. The inserts, updates, deletes
I previously issued, all get processed and commited.

I have double checked to ensure that the same conn object I use to
startTransaction is the same one I use to rollback. This happens in both debug mode and when I run the transaction completely through with the Developer.

I am sure I am missing something, but don’t know what. I do just enough webMethods coding to be dangerous.

are all the jdbc connections configured to local transaction (for tables in same database) or XA_ Transaction( for tables in different databases) …


I’m assuming the database you’re using is not supported by the JDBC Adapter and that’s why you’re using WmDB, right?

Please post a little more detail about how your code is structured. I’m particularly interested in your try-catch block. Are you calling pub.db:connect inside the same try block that you’re calling execSQL, commit, etc?

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