Trading networks extensibility limit

  1. To what extent can the “Trading network” schema be extended and customized? Are there specific ways that Web Method suggests we go about doing that?
  2. If we want to develop simple operator screens to manage the information in trading network schema, can we directly develop those on top of Web Methods Integration Server or do we have to go through an application server?
  3. Lastly, where can i find information for handling distributed transactions when we are using Web Methods Integration Server around app to app brokering.
  1. My guess would be that wM would neither encourage nor support customizing the TN schema. Changes to the schema could break various TN processes, so if you do decide to make changes you’d be wise to have a easy way to revert.

Perhaps there is a way to do what you need without customizing the TN db. Can you share what you’re trying to do?

  1. You can easily add screens to manage data in the TN db using DSPs. You can even hook those screens into the Adminstrator tool.