Trading Networks Custom Pages in webMethods 8.x

I need to migrate some custom pages from webMethods Trading Networks 7.1 into webMethods 8.2. Since Trading Networks as essentially gone away there is no concept of “custom pages” any more. I am first looking for documentation in 8.2 on how to compare “custom pages” to what ever web feature they will be called in webMethods 8.2.

I would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction to find webMethods 8.2 documentation that compares to Trading Networks Custom Pages.


Trading Networks has not gone away. The primary change is to administer it using MWS instead of the TN Console and the TN Web Manager. You may be able to achieve what you need using MWS pages.

Integration Server :: Trading Networks
Are you talking about the TN Web Manager > Configuration > Custom Pages? sections

yes, exactly. Where will that code live in the MWS ? What can I look for to give me guidance on the move from TN Web Manager > Configuration > Custom Pages? to their proper home in MWS.

thank you for your feedback

I am not quite sure where they moved that section to on MWS…

Did you try contact SAG support regarding…they can guide you better and secrets:)


The various docs that state TN Web Manager is deprecated do not address custom pages specifically. My guess is you’ll need to refer to the MWS documentation for creating custom pages. There won’t be an “anchor” on which to place your pages like there was in TN Web Manager but you should be able to achieve the same functionalithy. As RMG notes, your best bet for guidance is probably SAG support.

Yes the whole package is not deprecated and no more WmTNWeb…