Trading Networks: Add new Attribute value to existing Transaction Log entries

I have an XML Document Type that has been in use for several years. I pull a value from the XML documents into the Transaction Log Attribute list for these transactions.

I know I can get going-forward values by adding the Attribute to the Document Type and setting up the Extract query.

Is there an easy way to backfill the attribute for past transactions?

If not an easy way, can anyone offer guidance on the hard way? :grinning:

ETA: I am using webMethods IS and TN v10.1/


Hi erossing,

I’m down level at 8.2, but assuming 10.1 is similar, I suggest that you write a service that queries those XML documents via ‘’ that do not yet have your document attribute, extract that attribute from each of those documents, and invoke the ‘’ service to update.



Thanks! That worked great for me!