Trading Network

How to run TN scripts ?to create tables in backend. can run scripts through database component configurator.?
how explain step by step


1.) Create a user in your database with dba privilege

2.)go to the folder where webMethods installed: C:\webMethods7\common\db\scripts\oracle\tradingnetworks\10\create\ora_tns_c_ddl.sql

copy the content in your sql developer, paste it and run as a script.

3.)go to jdbc pool in Administrator: create a new JDBC pool and associate the connection pool to your TN

4.) restart the server


You can run scripts using Database Configurator as well…

i created jdbc pool successfully .
im useing oracle9i.
my problem is Create a user in your database with dba privilege.
can any one tell me with clear information.


May be you can take some DBA help and create the wM user (WEBMDATA or something per doc) in the backend via Oracle Enterprise manager.How did you ran the scripts with out user?

Review the wM installation docs,it explains the db configuration.Use the Database Component Configurator.

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