Trading Network Installation and Configuration using Command Central


How can I install and configure Trading Network using composite template in Command Central for the version 9.9?

Thanks in advance.

CC does not come with default composite template for Trading Networks, so you need to create a custom composite template for it.

Start with default is-layer template first which can be found at INSTALL_DIR/profiles/CCE/data/templates/composite/is-layer/template.yaml

  1. Create environment configuration file with at least the following properties/values (adjust as needed):

single server setup


folder to install to


remote platform is supported Linux distro


SSH user account that has write access to install.dir folder


master, image or mirror repo with 9.8 or 9.9 MWS and deps


master, image fix repo with all MWS fixes


remote linux host to install to

list of fixes to install


see is-layer/template.yaml for all supported properties/parameters

  1. Execute default is-layer template with the above file using CC CLI:

cc exec templates composite apply is-layer -i

  1. Monitor the job using CC Web UI jobs view or CLI

  2. To add TN Server clone is-layer template into a new/custom tn-layer template
    Modify is-server inline template to add TNServer: product to the products list above integrationServer:

    fixes: ${is.fixes}
          ... rest of config
  1. Apply tn-layer template using the same configuration properties file

cc exec templates composite apply tn-layer -i

I’ll be posting basic composite template development tutorial in the next couple of weeks that will cover all the details on how to create new composite templates from scratch.
Stay turned.


Sergei: Thanks for sharing good information, also happy to hear you will create a doc on this which is really helpful to many.

@Arpan: Follow steps given and share your experience.


Thanks Sergei.

The two packages got installed - WmTN and WmTNExtDC. But there is no addition of Trading Network under solutions tab. And I am not able to see EDI related packages .

Could you please let me know what needs to be done in such case to install EDI packages and getting Trading Network under solutions tab?

Update : 8-Jan-16

I have faced similar problem with JDBC Adapter. The packages appeared under IntegrationServer/packages but not under instancename/packages

I have used
./ update -Dpackage.list=WmJDBCAdapter

then JDBC Adapter appeared. Is it correct way?

But the TN problem is as stated is not resolved. Is there any package missing?

Hi Arpan,

the feature for showing Trading Networks under Solutions has been retired together with TNConsole client for wM 9.x onwards.

Use B2B/TN Portal features in MWS instead.


As suggested by you guys, TN is now appearing in MWS. But ACLs like TNAdministrators, TN MWS Users, TN PArtner ACLs are not appearing.

Also watt settings like watt.WmTN.aclMap and watt.WmTN.mwsMap are also not present.

Could you please let me know the reason? And how can we resolve it? If it can be resolved by composite template, how we can do it?