Trading Network 601 SP1 Database Parameter


One of my current client is going to install webMethods 6.0.1 SP1
TN (with EDI components).

One of the question comes up is the database parameters (e.g. size,
performance parameters, memory size, etc). that the customer should use.

They are going to use DB2 UDB.

For testing environment, I did recommend a data tablespace size of 200M and index tablespace of 100M. They are starting out with 1 or 2 trading partner for testing.

Would appreicate if anyone can provide (or point me to the right direction) some guidelines here.

DataBase: DB2 UDB (if anyone has Oracle database parameters here, I can
probably give to the DBA to get them figure out
what it is in DB2)
Number of Trading Partners: slowly increasing. Start with 3 ~ 4 Trading
Number of message per Trading Partners: 8 EDI messages (including FA)
Transaction Volume: 100~200 messages per day per trading partner

Thanks in advance