Tracing flow service status in monitor

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to web service and I’m looking for help on my project requirement.
webMethods Version is 7.1.2

My requirement is :

I need to expose a web service for a flow service. I need to send the response for the request when successfully executed or if it fails and at the same time i need to log flow service status as success or failed in the webMethods monitor.

Here is the flow i created:

Main Seq(on success)
Try Seq (on failure)
Business logic
Sending Response doc with success msg
Catch Seq (on done)
Sending Response doc with Failure Msg
EXIT from Flow and Signal Failure

Audit enable for logging service status in monitor details:
Enable Auditing : when top level service only
log on : error and success
Incl Pipeline : always

Now i exposed this service as a Document Literal web service.
My Issues is when i tested this web service by creating consumer, I’m getting response doc when successfully executed but for failure I’m not receiving any response doc.

Plsss can any one suggest me how to achieve this issue.
Note: my service status should show in the webMethods monitor as Completed or Failure

one more point is, if i disable exit step then i’m able to get the response doc with failure msg. but not able to see the status failed in monitor.

Attached for your reference.

Looking forward for your support ASAP.

John (20.6 KB)

Try setting also:

Enable Auditing : Always


If your service exits with an exception, as it does with Exit and signal Failure, the WS/SOAP processor will override your setResponse and return a SOAP fault.

Unfortunately, the options are limited. Either return a SOAP fault and get a Monitor entry indicating failure. Or don’t return a SOAP fault and Monitor will indicate success. If you go this route, you can log an activity message to Monitor to record the error message.