TPAbs revisited


I am getting really confused with the subject of TPA’s. If a partner sends say for instance a papinet DeliveryMessage at what point does Wm actually pick up which TPA to use?

Appologies if this subject has been covered before, but I couldnt find anything when I searched that related to my question.

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TPA’s are generally used for EDI based transactions only.
I believe papinet is an xml based messages.



Thanks for the reply, yes papinet is an XML based message, does this mean that TPA’s cannot be used or is there no point in using them?



As far i have seen the TPA’s are involved only for EDI transactions and even its not mandatory used.

May be somebody can share ideas if they have implemented for XML based messages.

You can use TPAs in any kind of transactions.
WmEDI module uses EDITPA TPA to do the routine tasks(for e.g if 997 is received it checks the FAReconciliation field to update the EDITRACKING table, for outbound EDIs, it gets the value for ISA and GS segmens from EDITPA)

However, you can define TPA for any sender/receiver pair. you can also define multiple TPAs(with different agreement id) for given sender/receiver if you need

  1. Give unique “Agreement ID”, for sender and receiver.
  2. Specify the “IS Document type”. You can define the TPA to have any document type.
  3. In your flow service, call the service WmTN/ to get the TPA. Output of the service is WmTN/ the tpaData field in TPA will have the values you defined using TN console.

you can use these values to do the routine tasks. In our implementation, we defined a field called itemLookup. If itemLookup is set to true, we query the item lookup table to construct our desired output.

Hope this helps

Rosettanet, cXML, biztalk, etc that uses TN to exchange document with partners, in another words, B2Bish.