Totals in INVOIC BMF001 message


For a customer I’m implementing the INVOIC with specific BMF001 specifications. I’m using a SAP Business Connector 4.6 with latest upgrade levels. I get a problem when transforming the structure of the EDI message in a flat file.

At the end of the file some totals are expected about the taxes and the extra charges. These last are represented als extra ALC segments.

I transform my EDI structure with wm.b2b.edi:convertToString. The extra charges are deleted from the structure and only the extra charges form the header are copied into the totals.

For example in my structure I have an ALC segment at header level for freight charges and some extra charges on line level for disposal. At the totals in the structure both charges fromn header and lines are set up. So ALC segments for the freight charge and the disposal charge. When transforming the structure to flatform, in the totals only the freight charge remains.

Who can help me with this problem?