To take automated package releases in production


We are currently using webMethods 7.1.1 environment. I would like to know how to make the WmRoot package available for use in Developer. I came across a piece of information that there are services in the WmRoot package which can be used to take a release/backup of a particular package from IS. Could you please help me with the above query?


Hello ,
To cut it short, I would like to use the service wm.server.replicator:packageRelease which is in the WmRoot package. Could anyone please help with this here? How can I use this service?

To see WmRoot package in your developer put the following setting in your Extended Setting section of IS Admin page or config.cnf file:


Now the important part, you are not supposed to use WmRoot services in production for different reasons, search the forum and you will find several posts describing that, just to sum it up, WmRoot services are not public services and can be changed by SoftwareAG/webMethods without any notice, which can break your code in production.

Hello Talha,

Thank you for your response. The package is appearing in the developer after making the changes you advised. However, I did not see any I/O for the service wm.server.replicator:packageRelease and hence am unable to use it the way I planned. Could you please help me to understand how to use this service to take a package release. We have a plan to schedule this service to take backups regularly.


If you are just looking to make a ZIP file backup of a package without going through the formalized package publishing release mechanism, use wm.server.replicator:packageMakeZip. It takes package as a String input, and will create a zip file of the package in the replicate/outbound directory.

However, I reiterate Talha’s comment:

Thanks a lot, its working!! Is it also possible to specify the outbound directory as well where the package is to be exported? Hopefully, the directory can be specified on the run and the service can even create it and export the package directly to that location.


Glad it worked.

You can’t specify the outbound directory for that service - all of that is hard-coded based on the home directory of the IS. Same with the package name, it is just package+“.zip”. I’m not aware of any replicator service that allows input for the outbound directory.

None of this is described in a published API either, so writing your own version is a bit hit and miss.