TN3270 problem on UNIX

We are running our application written in Natural/ADABAS on TN3270 emulator on UNIX (SUN Solaris system).
When we were running on mainframe we used to be able to move the cursor on the screen using a mouse, but lost this ability on UNIX.
On UNIX we can move the cursor from field to filed on our application screens only using TAB button. which is a problem for our users.
I was just wondering if anybody ran into this problem before and might know the solution.

We would really appreciate any help.


We’re also on SUN Solaris, but I don’t know TN3270. For development, we’re using PuTTY, which doesn’t support mouse actions like that - by the way: I never missed it.
Our users working via Entire Screen Builder (which is a SAG-product) and there you can move the cursor by clicking. But the Screen Builder is a bit more than a terminal-emulation. It’s a kind of server application, which translates the Natural-Screen into a HTML-document via XML.

Please try the terminal command

  • %T+ - After you issue this command, you can position the cursor anywhere on the screen, including protected fields (however, the protected fields remain write-protected).


Set Control ‘T+’

at start of your Application. This will help to move the cursor everywhere, even to protected fields.