Porting Mainframe Natural/Adabas application to Unix/Windows

A customer wants to downsize the Mainframe Natural/Adabas application and port it to Unix/Windows.
Currently the Natural/Adabas applications are running on CICS in mainframe.

Now when we port the application to Unix / Windows, will the Online programs having Maps ( accessed using INPUT/REINPUT commands)
work as-is or any redesign of the maps and the application programs is required?
How is the transaction processing taken care in Unix / Windows for Natural environment and applications to work?


I believe it should work the same. I’m not sure of the attributes though (reverse-video, etc.)
Some things to look at are the use of some system variables (*TPSYS, *HARDWARE, *OPSYS, etc.). Example is that I sometimes process differently if *TPSYS is CICS, TSO or BATCH.

Your programs will require adjustment if your maps have cursor sensitivity. For example, the map displays several detail lines. You move the cursor onto one of those lines and press one of several PF keys. Each PF key is associated with some sort of drill-down logic which displays another map.

Under Windows, you cannot move the cursor onto an output field for PF key selection. I don’t recall whether this is true under Unix/Linux.

There are several workarounds to the problem, all of which require some level of redesign and coding.

I’ll be presenting those options at the Natural Conference in a couple of weeks. Look for the presentation on the Natural Conference website in November (possibly sooner).

The Natural for Windows documentation for the statement INPUT writes about some differences:


Thanks for the replies.

Please let me know how the transactions held in mainframe will be impacted in the new environment?


The general logic should be the same. But I’m not sure about very special cases. I hope the following link to an older discussions gives you overview. For example the sorting of the descriptors is different. And there are much more things to think about …