TN Task Failure(Trigger)


I want a trigger to execute a service when a task fail, so I want to know how do I go about that to write that service, that a trigger should execute a service that will give me only a specific task that has failed not all of them. I’m thinking filters although don’t know how to implement it.

In this scenario I think you can create a custom schedule service that has logic with related services and check the failed task status and restart Task etc…not with trigger mechanism though:

Also did you set any retries count in TN properties for any particular partner?


The TN Administrator’s Guide describes a way to be notified when a task fails.


I did went through TN Administrator’s Guide, it doesn’t say much on what I want to archive.

Did you try using folder services I mentioned above and TN retries?

TN can publish an event when a task fails. The TN Admin guide covers that.

Then you define a service and trigger to process those events. The service can do whatever you want it to.