TN Start up problem

Hi All,

TRANET: Loading system configuration
2009-04-29 09:42:26 AST [ISU.0000.9999C] Trading Networks could not retrieve data from your database. Go to the JDBC Pools page in the Integration Server Administrator and make sure your database URL, user name, and password are set correctly. Also make sure you created the Trading Networks database tables as described in the webMethods Installation Guide.
(0) java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
(1) java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

the above error throw when IS start up. i was unable to log into TN.
when i reloaded wmTN package, then i was able to log in TN console.

i have to reload wmTN package every time i restarted IS.

please help me to solve this issue.


what is the version of sqljdbc driver you use?i suggest you to insall the latest one.

I am using OCI driver.
driver class is oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource .

i meant do you use ojdbc14 driver?? you can find info about it in integrationserver/lib/jars directory or integrationserver/packages/wnJDBCAdapter/code/jars directory…

i am using ojdbc14.jar. it is located in IntegrationServer/lib/jars directory.

Looks like you have the correct config/setup in place and it works fine when you reload WmTN package…But did you talk to tech support on this issue?

What is the IS/TN version?