TN Reliable Execution Task fail while it is not

I created an flow service HandleFB to implement the specification. One action of a processing rule is to execute the HandleFB service as a service execution task. Everything seem works fine, like whenever my document was arrived in TN, the HandleFB
service was invoked, I got the result of the HandleFB service through email to prove the HandleFB service was working. But the TN Tasks view always show the invoke HandleFB service task failed and failed up to the maximum retry. There is no probable reason for failure logged in Activity Log for the first invoke action. While the subsequent retry Activity Log showed some errors like bizdoc input is null.

Is any one had experienced this problem before? Or is that some simple setting I missed?

Ok - I know some of you must be using ‘service execution tasks’. I’m using IS 4.6 SP2, TN4.6 SP1 and if I have a pending task and I reboot the IS server as a test, it seems IS loses the bizdoc because I then get a ‘ [B2BSERV.0086.9091] Parameters xmldata, $filestream and $filedata are all missing. One of these must not be null’.

I am doing a ‘stringToDocument’ on the bizdoc, extracting the content variable which works fine until the server is rebooted.

Any ideas? SP1 for TN had a fix described as follows: ‘- Pending service execution tasks have a different pipeline
after a server restart. (TNS_4-6_FIX_13)’

I think you need the fix named TNS_4-6_SP1_FIX_51. This fixed our problem of getting empty documents.

A wrokaround is to use as the first step in your flow giving it the InternalID from the bizdoc. This will get the bizdoc from the database again. But this should not be required if the Fix works for you.

Excellent Rupinder! I contacted wm support to get that fix and the other dependent fixes. Your workaround worked too…sweet.

Thanks muchly,


Sorry I spoke too soon Rupinder. I think the whole bizdoc is missing, because now I get ‘missing internalId’ when the service is invoked!