TN Import for Processing Rules


Is there a way that we can preserve the list of order of Processing Rule when we import it to another WebMethods environment? I think using the TNConsole to do the import and export, it is working fine but when we import it using the command line in UNIX, the order was not preserve.

Here is the command line I use for UNIX: -xml ${TNWORK_XML} -force -db

Do I miss any parameter?


ok…i got it…tnimport and tnexport works fine…we got the wrong file that’s why…


Hi Faith,

Can you explain this a bit more? For the situation where we want to update a processing rule, we are currently manually import the XML file via the TN console and then moving the processing rule up to where the original one is, and then deleting the existing one. If we could improve this process I would be happy.

Where did you learn about the input parameters to the file? (eg. -force, etc)

Okay…I will gladly explain it…

What we do is take the Trading Network data from one environment to another. We use the tnexport and tnimport script. You can get it from WmTN package: WmTN/bin
Just type ./ or ./tnexport and it will give you the options you want.

Also, bear in mind, when you do a tnimport for Processing Rule, this should be one time only. If there’s a processing rule exists on the target server and you do tnimport with a new file, it will be appended even if there’s existing Rule that has the same name. Unlike Document Type, if it has the same name, it will be overwritten. So what we do is when we do tnimport on the target server, we delete all the Processing Rule first so it will not be duplicated.


Thanks Faith - do you know what the possible ‘options are’ - ie. the arguments to the file. You have -xml and -force there. Could you explain the -force option and also list the other options? Better yet - where did you find out the available options?



Here is the usage, I cut and paste from the script itself:
-xml → if your file is in xml format.
-bin → if your file is in binary.

So you can type:
./ -xml TNData -force -db

This is what I used in importing the TN and I noticed that even if I use the -force option, Processing Rule was still appended and Document Type was overwritten. So to be safe, just clear your Processing Rule first before doing any import.

maybe somebody can explain better regarding this one.

Usage: tnimport INFILE OPTIONS

INFILE is one of the following:
-bin (imports from binary file)
-xml (imports from xml file)

OPTIONS are among the following:
-db (actually write data to datastore)
Applies to inserting ID’d data only (attributes,
types, profile field defs, profiles). If an item
exists in the database with the same ID, overwrite
it (default is to fail).
Applies only to inserting routing rules. By default,
imported routing rules COMPLETELY REPLACE the rules
in the system datastore. With this option, the new
rules are appended to the end of the existing list.
Same as ‘rrappend’, but applies to conversation scripts.

The type file should be a persisted IData, as per the tnexport

Running without the ‘-db’ option will simply load and
print the data in your file (useful for testing). With the
‘-db’ option specified, this program will attempt to insert
your data into the datastore.


Hey Faith …
Thanks for your explanation. It really helped me at a great extent.
But frankly asking what do u mean by ‘HTH’ …u wrote before your name in last post ?



sorry in the middle,Take it easy,

HTH = Hope This Helps