TN BizDoc contain no values for ISA, GS group


InBound 997 not processing through TN.

But following way in file processing ???

  • If I past content of file in flow-service (which service is calling by TN ) then it’s working…
  • If I change delimiter from ‘¬’ to ’ * ’ then it’s working.

The actual EDI data with delimiter looks like as below:

(ISA¬00¬ ¬00¬ ¬16¬0819405211A10 ¬01¬9605442576 ¬080820¬0426¬U¬00401¬000004991¬0¬P¬>)

If I process EDi file without change of delimiter then there is no ISA & IEA and GS & GE elements values comming in BizDoc.

Please any one give solution for this…


What are your receiving service (processing rule srvc) configuration steps?? can you elaborate the steps you have in place??

Is the TN recognition splits (Envelope,Group,TransactionSet) working??

Are you using the envelopeProcess,getEDIString before passing edidata to convertToValues or accessing directly the bizdoc/content??


Thank u for your early reply…
webMethods version 7.1

We r using envelopeProcess… at that service in pipeline there is no delimiter values except square symbols. Pls check attachment…


Are you using convertToValues in your steps…i don’t see it in the screenshort above…

After the enveloperProcess step is it going inside hasError true sequence??

Also in the convertToValues step you can capture the delimiters document and map it to the input along with the edidata extracted from getEDIString and see how it goes.