TN Archive Database Connection.

I am trying to run the built in tn.archive service and I am getting an Oracle error “table or view does not exist”. The archive schema is in the same database as the non-archive TN schema and I can see the tables do exist so I assume it’s a connectivity issue. Where is the setting that determines the connection details that the tn.archive service uses? TN itself is working fine so I know that the DB connection is valid and the TN machine can see the DB - there must be a parameter somewhere I’m missing that sets the archive schema connection values. Any help appreciated!

Hi Hugh,

how did you setup your TN database schema?

Using “Procuct TN” or “Component TN”?

Where did you create the “Component TN Archive” if used?

TN uses the same schema for non-archive and archive tables and uses the same jdbc pool for the archiving operation.

The archived tables should be replicated to the separate archive schema with DB-Jobs if needed to be separated from the non-archive schema.

This is a design mismatch between IS Core and Process Archiving and TN Archiving.


Thanks for the quick reply, I think it raises a few more questions as I’m not overly familiar with the installation process or the databases (I wasn’t involved in the install - I believe this was largely done by SAG).

The TN Database was set up by someone else - is there an easy way of working out which it is?

We have an archive schema that has the following tables:


The tables shown above do not appear in the same schema as the non-archive tables - if theses tables were simply added to the current ‘non-archive schema’ would the archiving functionality work? We could then replicate the content of the archived tables from the ‘non-archive’ schema into the ‘archive schema’ (and presumably then clear down the archive tables in the ‘non-archive’ schema to keep things tidy.

The Archive tables should be installed in the same schema where the main TN tables exist.

Can you re-run the db configurator and create the TN Archive component tables in the same TN DB/account?


Ok - that makes sense then - I should be able to get the archive tables added in to the existing schema. I’ll see if I can get one of our Oracle DBAs to do this for me.

Thanks for your help - I’ll update this topic when I’ve got the tables created and tried the tn.archive service again.

OK great please make sure you have all the DB issues cleared before you run the service and assuming the main tables/data is not high volume that you are trying to run/test.