TN 601 amp TN 61 DataBase required

In TN 4.6, there is an option to config TN to work with the database built into TN.

In TN 6.0.1 and 6.1, is that this is no longer an option, but must go with an RDBMS. Based on the installation doc, this is the case, but just want to confirm with the experts here

Yes it is correct starting with 6.0.1 TN you must configure external DB there is no more built in test database available. I myself find this a bit inconvinient.

What do you think if mySQL or HSQLDB was included as an option during install? If so, submit a feature request to the Advantage Wish List forum.

Note that other new webMethods products (Optimize and Workflow) already require an external DBMS, so enough complaints may push webM into providing a single default for all these products - at least for development-time usage.

If you dig around wmusers here, someone mentioned that they hacked the db create scripts for mysql and got it up and running.



If I had to choose between Cloudscape and no database, I would choose no Database included. Some of you may be surprised, but I’ve seen many implementations use Cloudscape in Production. Of course, that architecture doesn’t last long.

Using mySQL probably makes sense. I think the Optimize product uses/supports mySQL. However, if webMethods is going to embed a DBMS, it shouldn’t just be for TN. It should expand across to the JDBC Logging Pools, Modeler/Monitor, etc.