TN 6.1 Starting Problem

I used
MySQL [mysql-5.0.22-win32]
Connector/J [mysql-connector-java-3.1.13]
MySQL Administrator [mysql-administrator-1.1.9-win]
MySQL Query Browser [mysql-query-browser-1.1.20-win]
wM 6.1

configured JDBC Pool as well as JDBC Adapter all are successful.

But when I start TN Console I get Error :

Error retrieving profile
(0) java.sql.SQLException: Unknown column ‘SequenceNumber’ in ‘field list’
(1) java.sql.SQLException: Unknown column ‘SequenceNumber’ in ‘field list’
check that the server is running.

  1. I check wM server started without any error message regarding DB Error.
  2. My SQL server is running perfectly all right.
  3. I checked DB for Field SequenceNumber only two Tables have these fields. (1) Contact (2) Address . I temporary deleted that field from tables but it hadn’t worked. Than I added that field again in both tables.

If Any one faced such problem or have any idea about it please give suggestion. Every suggestion is valuable for me.


Issue was resolved.
It is related to DB schema creation. After correcting the Schema issue get resolved.