Timezone in TN DB tables

Hi all,

I see that the timezone present in the TN database tables (for activity log, bizdoc log etc) is in GMT.
It is not a problem if we use webMethods to query TN DB but when we query these tables directly to generate some reports, we get the data in the GMT timestamp.
Is there any way to modify this to the default server time zone?

We are currently on webMethods version 7.1.2 and the TN fix level is TNS_7.1.2_DB_Fix8.

I did see a couple of posts for issues similar to this, but there is no convincing answer.

Thanks in advance!!


What OS is the IS/TN installed on?

May be check this Empower article or ask for a TN fix depend on the IS version you are on:



Thanks for the response RMG.
We are using Unix Solaris OS.
I will look into the fixes details.
Is there any way to do this apart from installing a TN fix?
Maybe modify the DB pool URL options or setting an extended settings property?


No…Please check that unix OS level for JAVA fix and it should resolve the current time issues.