Timestamp in WmService table


I’m working on doing some custom manipulation/insertion into the WmService table (DB2), and I’ve hit a wall with the timestamp that is stored for each service. When using a DB2 tool to browse the table the timestamp shows up as a number. When trying to insert the current date into the db from a flow service I get an error. Is there a special format that the date has to be in? Or any manipulation that needs to be done on the datestring to insert it?

What is the JDBC datatype you see in the Adapterservice input?? Are you doing any datetime format conversion in the flow service using pub.date folder services?? Is your DB2 date expecting any specific format if so what is the format?? Let us know your flow steps so that this will help us to respond accurately…


If believe the AUDITTIMESTAMP column is stored as milliseconds into the table. Take a look at this thread and see if it helps you: [URL=“wmusers.com”]wmusers.com

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