Timeout Errors using hardware SSL decoder with RIS configuration

Hi All,

We have an external client coming on board sending us xml documents via HTTPS POST. We use hardware SSL Decoders to handle the SSL side of the communication, with our RIS receiving simple text from the SSL decoder when it is finished decoding the document.

When the document size reaches a “magical” number, we get timeout errors on the RIS and the calling client application hangs (even though it is an async transcations).

Has anyone seen this behaviour before??


Just a follow on - to attempt to rectify this problem (assuming that it is not a webMethods problem), we are now looking at getting the client to perform a “file upload” POST transaction, with the content-type set to “…multipart”. This passes the SSL Decoder fine, and the timeouts no longer occur.

However to prove this we used the form “INPUT” tag to setup the Browser button to locate the file sent as part of the transaction. Has anyone done this in an automated fashion? Have you done in asp?