Time based triggering for webMethods Enterprise

Is there a mechanism by which I can trigger an event based on a particular system time (rather than a polling interval)? I want to conduct some batch operations at, say, night time.


The discussion at http://www.wmusers.com/wmusers/messages/120/43.html?1022785900 might be helpful for you.

From a discussion on wmusers.com:

“webMethods professional services has built a scheduler adapter that can be used for this functionality. Your local webMethods rep can probably get you a copy of it. From the documentation it looks pretty robust and useful.”

My question to wM: as I recall, this used to be available for license, either through you or through the now defunt Catapult Technologies. Do you guys still offer it? If not, can you “donate” it to the wM community? Seems like there is post every few weeks for something along these lines and I’m sure the community can support it if wM is unwilling/unable to (support costs, dead-end product, etc.).

Just a thought.