Tibco's XML Transform

Has anybody experience with using Tibco?s XML Transform which is delivered with XML Mediator?

I would be grateful for any feedback or reasons why it is not being used.

Many thanks,
Jim Holme

Software AG
Corporate Headquarters

Hi Jim,

I use it quite frequently. I use it to create transformation style sheets. I find the tool easy to use and it has been a great help to create style sheets quickly. I have not been able to find another tool that is as easy to use.

Also it has been quite convenient to have the XML Transform product packaged with Mediator.


I’ve tried Tibco several times, and I think it is hard to do complex stylesheets. Look at mapforce 2004 from altova, it has a nice design and can do more complex structures with multiple stylesheets etc.

For simple stylesheeting, I do the programming my self. The tibco tool, it is not intuitive eventhou it has a graphical interface.