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Could someone recommend a webMethods document that discusses the threading model in Integration Server 4.6?

In my current project, an IS service is being called many times by a BAPI (it accepts information and transforms it into a flat file). Being fairly new to webMethods I would welcome some design ideas that could optimize its performance. Ought I consider providing a thread for each call from the BAPI or is this automated within Integration Server? My code needs to be able to process a request from potentially hundreds of BAPIs each five minutes or so.

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Are your using the SAP Adapter for the BAPI - > IS connectivity? If you are, there is a thread setting for the listener(RFC destination) in the SAP adapter that will allow you increase the number of simultaneous BAPI calls allowed in IS.

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I’d like to ask further question in this area and ask for advice. In the webMethods SAP module user guide it states the thread setting when creating a listening refers to the # of simultaneous BAPI/RFC call that the wM IS will handle from SAP requester.

My question is does anyone know what happens in situation where the thread setting is given value say 1, but in production it happens that SAP makes > 1 call concurrently to a WM IS Service through the SAP listener mechanism (I’m not sap expert so I’m assuming this is possible from SAP end in situations say where two users execute same transaction at same time)? Does either the SAP or wM IS side queue any requests it can’t handle because the thread has been used and utilize a retry mechanism, or does it invoke an exception case, or just ignore with no errors?

If SAP tries to deliver more concurrent outbound IDOCs than there are threads available an error is generated, and the additional IDOCs remain in the SAP TRFC queue.

It was a fairly simple job for our SAP Basis team set up a job to check every 5 mins and reactivate any errored entries in this queue.

IIRC the default setting is 3 threads for a SAP listener, we currently use 10 threads for our production servers.

thx martin. I want to make sure 100% that I understand you correctly so pls bear with me and let me just paraphrase your statement and if I’m wrong just wack me. Otherwise thx for your prompt expertise sharing.

In case where SAP sends outbound IDOC to wM IS server but all threads for the SAP listener are busy, I summarise facts as:

  • wm IS will refuse request to SAP listener and that will generate an error event on the SAP side;
  • The outbound IDOC will then be retained in SAP TRFC queue with error status;
  • the SAP BASIS team will manually need to code and configure a job that will check the queue and resend any errored oubound IDOCs - this is not a default SAP configuration for TRFC queue.

If SAP tries to deliver more concurrent outbound IDOCs than there are threads available and it is taking more time to recveive the idocs webMethods.

If I see the SAP transaction analysis when SAP send IDOC and wm SAP logs there huge difference in receive time( more than 10 min).

As per SAP team, TRFC are waiting for connection from WEB METHODS, but our listner set for 4 threads.

Could some one please help on the same…

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