Thread pool consumption

Hi all,

In order to fine tune our platform as well to investigate some issue, I would like to know if there is any way to track thread pool usage ?

We are already monitoring global thread consumption (thru services called in DSP pages) but I have also the need to track subpool consuption (cron, email, http gateway link) ?

wM support doesn’t know how to do that. Idem for wM’s PS.

Perhaps a JAVA guru out there is knowing how to do that perhaps by involving directly JAVA’s API.



I would say you need a Java profiler for this. Java 1.6 comes with a tool called jvisualvm in the bin folder for the JDK.

This tool can be run against a 1.5 JVM, but IS 7.1.2 is partially supported now with Java 1.6 (Depending the components you run). If you can upgrade to Java 1.6 you would get more info.

Take a look to

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