Thread Issue

Since last few days we were getting the error “[ISS.0131.0001E] No threads available. All diagnostic listener threads are in use” in our server logs, twice or thrice a day @ irregular intervals.

IS version is : 6.5.
Max thread pool:150
Min Thread pool:10

Earlier we had the same issue when Max thread pool was “50”, we have increased it to “150”, but still we are getting the same errors every day, this is effecting our batch jobs.

we have never seen more than 40K documents on broker trigger queues at any point of time…

Could any one suggest solution for this?

150 is still relatively low. If you have batching job that processing hundreds of docs, it may use thousands of thread. If you don’t have memory issue, try to increase it to 500, or 1000, or even higher.

Can you share more about the batch jobs, by which I assume you mean scheduled tasks in IS Administrator? How many? Mostly regular interval or complex? Disallow overlap?

It’s interesting to me that the error is about “diagnostic listener threads.” May want to focus on that aspect and possibly contact SAG support about how those can be controlled. And if they are involved when scheduled tasks are executed.

Thanks Reamon, There were no scheduled tasks which were running on the same interval. Yes, we are thinking diagnostic listeners perspective…but not sure whether SAG still supporting 6.5…Do you have any idea about these diagnostic listner threads? we couldn’t find any info on this.

For 6.5 I don’t know if they are still providing informational support. Certainly not any patches or fixes but it may be worth contacting them to find out what info they can provide.