Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded 0%25 available

2003-04-25 14:22:20 PDT [ISS.0014.0020D] Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded: 0% available

Anyone know why this is happening? I have notifications …



We also have had this warning on Treading Networks 6.0.1

06:07:04 CET [ISS.0014.0020D] Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded: 0% available.

Can anybody explain what this means?

Thanks in advance,

PJW Lignon

In the Administrator console, go to Settings, resources. There’s the maximum number of threads defined. When all threads are used up, you will get this error. Think about raising the amount of threads. Look at “managing the Server Thread pool” in the IS Administrators guide.

Hi All,
I am getting these messages continuosly in server log. I can increase the no.of threads but if you see the message it says that its no longer exceeded. This message is continusoly coming.

2005-06-29 13:59:57 GMT+05:30 [ISS.0014.0020D] Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded: 1% available
2005-06-29 14:00:04 GMT+05:30 [ISS.0014.0023D] Available Thread Pool Threshold No Longer Exceeded: 84% available
2005-06-29 14:00:18 GMT+05:30 [ISS.0014.0020D] Available Thread Pool Warning Threshold Exceeded: 1% available
2005-06-29 14:00:20 GMT+05:30 [ISS.0014.0023D] Available Thread Pool Threshold No Longer Exceeded: 89% available

Please advice me. Thanks in advance


Tell us what settings you have under the resources tab, for sub heading “Server Thread Pool”

You may need to tweak that to suit your needs.


Hi everybody,

I’d like to pick up this old topic again, as I am seeing the same thing on a client’s environment currently and have no clue what is happening.

From out of nowhere warnings that the thread pool is exhausted are written very frequently. It’s a constant up and down with the number of threads exceeding the threshold in one minute and having 95% available in the next.

I have increased the number of threads from 250 to 400 (while 250 were just fine up to last week) but to no avail.

We have 13 scheduled tasks running. 4 of them run in 2-second-intervals, another 5 in one-minute-intervals and the rest are daily jobs running at midnight.

The server is a VM with Windows 2003 Server, IS is 7.1.3.

Where could I start looking who is needing all those threads to find a cause to the evil?

EDIT: A colleague suggested that Windows is using many many more threads than UNIX versions due to a different JVM implementation. He said that I possibly should increase the amount of threads in the pool to over 1000. This seems to be a bit too much to me.

Can anyone confirm that?

Thank you in advance,

UPDATE: We had the client increase the maximum number of threads to 1000. This only helped for half a day, until IS again ran into trouble, when those 1000 seemed to be used up.

I suspect dangling SQL adapters waiting for a reply from MS SQL-Server, which has a serious problem with implicit transactions. Those don’t seem to get committed and SQL-Server keeps waiting until the 12th of never, while the SQL adapters wait for the OK from the database.

Can anyone confirm that? Has anybody observed the same thing in an environment like this (IS running on Windows 2003 Server and using SQL-Server as ‘database’)?

Thank you for your help


No opinions?




We have a similar problem in our system, it is fairly complex and if anything pops up that doesn't release thread we have about 5minutes until everything locks up. 
I am considering going from 750 threads to 4000, after all the price of threads is paid in memory and it is much better to have a sluggish machine than one that locks up until a thread that will never be released is freed. 
I will also let the reporting of thread loss start at about 50% instead of 15%.
Your original problem can only be fixed by finding what is not releasing threads.


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