Thorwing BC Exception back to SAP when called as a Function

Is there a way to throw an exception back to SAP when it is calling Business Connector as an RFC? We are using real-time RFCs to Business Connector, and to send proper error handling data back to SAP, we need to raise an exception.

Any ideas?



Hi Peter,

I don’t know what you are meaning. When do you want to receive an exception in SAP? If there is a service error for example in your JAVA services? There is a option to log errors and send them by mail to an administrator of a functional responsible for the process.

Regards Harrie

Our communications go from SAP -> BC -> Trading Partner, using BC as a real time RFC (as opposed to an Idoc for example). SAP performs a call function “z_function”, which in turn maps to a routing rule on BC which calls a flow service and posts data to our trading partner. SAP functions can handle error handling in 2 ways: 1) pass back up an “exception”, or 2) pass errors back up into as an export variable and check that variable for data. Currently I am trying to figure out how to pass an “exception” back up to SAP from BC.

Hope thats enough info to help you help me. :wink: