The Software AG guide for Emergence installations


I received the 2 documents created on the 11 Nov 2020 entitled :

a) Installer Client Emergence Scenario and
b) A guide for emergence SUM usage

But , I need a copy of the Software AG installer on the following website please :


Maybe you can request a CD-ROM to be created and shipped to your site - like in the “old” days?


Thanks Brian but maybe we should try and stay away from “speculation”. As in, if you do not know, it’s OK with me.

The real answer came from Carrie Strange in Software AG. Thanks Carrie.

Here is Carrie’s contact information :

Carrie Strange | Customer Success Director

Software AG Government Solutions, Inc.

12950 Worldgate Drive Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20170

Mobile: 571.490.6282 | Email:

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I am glad someone at SAG was able to help. It’s been a real challenge these days with Empower down and no guidance as to when we can expect full services to be restored. I know Software AG must be very protective of any/all communications concerning being “Clopped”, but at some point, I think the customers need to be informed. Decisions such as when to apply maintenance or perform upgrades hang in the balance. If things return to normal soon, which I hope, it would be good to know. Depending on how long we have to wait, we may want to make other arrangements like you did in getting the SAG Installer for getting downloadable products, zaps, fix sets, etc. Concerns about timely interaction with Support also can come into play with production deployment dates.


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Hi Brian,

Yes, I have been telling the same to my contacts in Software AG , as in :

a) You can not WAIT 3 weeks before telling your customers, you have been HACKED and
b) If you can not restore your site, after 6 weeks, you better have a better explanation than : We are working on trying to recover pieces of it . It’s just not acceptable to other IT people that actually pay Software AG to support their software investments.