The JDBC Adapter connecting to DB2Connect version 7

I have loaded DB2 Connect version 7 to my development PC and configured the JDBC adapter version 4.2.1. When building the configued operation in the Enterprise Integrator and click on Tables I receive the message
“This operation cannot be completed because the adapter process DB2Conect7 is not running or has not been contacted.”

The Adapter Configuration tool is indicating that it was sucessful.

Any assistance will be appreciated!!

Try running the adapter in debug mode in the Adapter Configuration tool. Sometimes an adapter will start up, look like it is running okay (green ball), and then it fails. Debug output should give you an indication of what is going on.

We have run the Adapter in Debug and everything looks good.

Hmm. No errors show in the debug window even after trying to build the configured op in EI? Sounds like a job for wM support.

Hi Tony,

From Enterprise Integrator Edit>Preferences>Timeout Period, increase this timeout period and see if it helps. Some times it times out if the data it is trying to retrieve is large.