Text Input + Form data + Submit Async button

I have five (5) Text Input that I want to use as INPUT to a Asynchronous Submit Button.

Question: It says “Action” on the Async button, what do I need to put here for it to call a webservice with my five (5) Text Input as data???

Or is this have nothing to do with what I am trying to do???

Note: I have SEVERAL hidden panels with different Text Inputs and each one has their own Submit (Async button).

I am looking for something that can work with each “form data” and submit buttons…


The ‘action’ property of an Async Button is a binding expression that resolves to managed bean method.

If you have an empty ‘action’ property, double clicking the button in the view editor will automatically create a new method in your Page Bean and create an ‘action’ property that resolves to that new method.

You are free to do anything you like in that method, such as invoking a web service client. The page bean fields you’ve bound to your 5 input controls will be updated when the async button is clicked (the form data is posted).