Testing tools

I was wondering what kind of testing tools everyone is using with their AgileApps applications?

I am interested in a testing tool that we could use for regression testing, to make sure we have not broken anything with our updates.

I spoke with one company who is using the Chrome plug-in called “iMacros”. I have used Selenium in the past for testing of web sites (non-AgileApps sites).

Anyway, just wondering if others have found tools that work well for regression testing their AgileApps sites.


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Hi Howard,

Thanks for your query.

We are planning to release an automated testing framework for AgileApps at the end of October 2016. This is built on top of selenium, lets you build automated tests as lego blocks, lets you assemble these blocks into test scenarios, lets you monitor the automation runs or lets you schedule the run and get notified about the results. It will be available as a plugin on the browser of your QA developers and will provide a central repository where the recordings started from the browser plugins will be stored. These recordings can then be scheduled for runs on your AgileApps test environment.

I can schedule a preview presentation if you are interested.


Hi Gaurav,

This is excellent news.

I would definitely like to see a preview presentation of the functionality.