Testing flow service that receives input xml as string

My flow service receives input xml in the form of String.
Is there any testing tool to test this flow service? Since input is xml, we can’t use ?inputxml="<?xml…"


May be i didn’t understand your problem properly or missing something .

But in your flowservice you must be using ‘pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode’ right?.So why don’t you hardcode input:xmldata with the xml string you want and do your testing?


Actually I created a small dsp page. I need to supply this page to my testers for testing my service. Thank you for your response.

“Since input is xml, we can’t use ?inputxml=”<?xml…""

You might be able to, depending upon the length of the XML. Just URL encode the XML. Lots of online tools available for this or use the pub.string:URLEncode service via Developer. You can then paste the URL encoded XML into the browser.