Test mode in batch:

Hi Robert,

Sorry, but I have no clue if Profiler works with DB2. It’s been since the early 90’s when I worked with Natural for DB2. I assumed it would, but maybe not. But since you get the error without even starting Profiler, I would think there is a problem between Natural and DB2. NAT3700 is the catchall Natural error for errors returned from DB2. The Action description for 3700 says:

I suggest you try that and see what the SQL error is. And ask your tech people what’s up with the Natural-DB2 linkage. Maybe they broke it when they added the Profiler. If your site is still under a license and support contract, they could also call SAG support if necessary.

I would also suggest you start a new thread for this new problem. Repost your question with a Subject of some thing like “Need help with a Natural for DB2 NAT3700 error”. That may attract a few new eyes to the problem, from members/moderators with more DB2 knowledge.

I think you’ve milked this thread for all it’s worth. I’m sure the moderators would appreciate it if you would pick one of the more relevant answers, about the Debugger I guess, and mark it “Answered”.

Thanks, and good luck.

Thanks for the reply George.

I will contact our SAG rep. He’s quite knowledgeable.

The SQLERR says ‘DB2 CONNECTION INTERNAL ERROR’. If I don’t use an RDCSIZE parameter I have no issues, so I can continue my project until they sort it out.

I will mark ‘answered’ too.

Appreciate all your help!


Hello Bob,
Just saw today the thread, so maybe its a bit late to add the following information :

  1. you can use TEST DBLOG Q to get the information on data base calls from Natural to DB2, same as you get for Adabas with regular command
  2. You can use the Debuger in Batch, by putting the batch cmd format - so you will be able, for example, to set the statistics on (or even the Execution statments ON), run your batch program, and then add the DISPLAY Executed debuger request, and see the results. (it is NOT a step by step operation, but gives you a nice picture what was executed in your run
  3. You can Debug a batch program, as a step by step, if you have NaturalOne and NDV.
    Hope that helps

Hello Robert,
here some info regarding the Profiler:

The Profiler works with any kind of database which is supported by Natural. But you will not receive the “Adabas command time” for the event type DA if you are not using Adabas, e.g. DB2.

In Natural Security, in the profile for the PROFILER utility, “Batch environment” must be allowed, or allow everything to be on the save side.

Take care of the other prerequisites as described in the MF Profiler utility documentation. Especially you have to activate the Profiler from NaturalONE if you want to perform batch evaluations.


Thank you for your replies sagi achituv and Lukas Hundemer. I’m still working on the reports, I will try what you mentioned. Appreciate it! Bob