Territory concept when using Universal Messaging

Is the same broker concept of territory and gateway being used in for universal messaging.
Currently we have a territory and gateway setup for pushing documents between 8.0 and 8.2 versions. Suppose if I upgrade 8.2 to 9.5 ,how can this setup be approached through Universal Messaging.

Do you have a license for UM already?

If not, you can just upgrade your brokers accordingly and the territory concept is still working.

The 9.5 UM is currently not yet supporting native publish/subscribe feature.

Broker should continue to exist at least for the 9.x stream of webMethods Suite.

I am not sure what will be next year.


webMethods Universal Messaging 9.8 has a feature called ‘Automatic Interest Propagation Using Zones’ which is equivalent of webMethods Broker Territories. You could refer documentation to know more details on the same.


Thanks Senthil and Holger.