Territory b/w 7.1 and 6.1 broker.

Hi all,

According to a wM consultant, it’s possible to have both 7.1 and 6.1 broker communicating thru the same territory.

Using MWS 7.11, when I’m trying to add the 6.1 broker, I got the following error :

[POP.012.0007.wm_msg_sc_territories] Error: Differences in Document Type Infosets could be a cause for Broker “TEST_EAI_BROKER@eai-test.sgp.st.com:6849” not joining Territory “TestingTerr_wM71_POC”. Specify how Infosets should be treated when using a forced join.Error: The Broker “TEST_EAI_BROKER@eai-test.sgp.st.com:6849” cannot join territory “TestingTerr_wM71_POC” because of differences in client group and document type definitions. The following are in conflict: “” “Broker::Ping” To successfully join the territory, make the definitions for the above document types the same or use a force join.

Does it mean we can’t share the same territory ? Can I simple “force” the addition w/o risk for both the 6.1 and the 7.1 broker ?

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Hi Laurent,
This means the infosets or the definitions of the documents do not match. To become part of the territory the document definitions should match. Just check to see if there is a difference in the document structure. Ideally the document should be backward compatible. Try a force join with Merge Infosets it might work. Drop infosets will ensure that it will join but might cause a problem since it is a system document and not custom defined this needs to be tried out.