Territory and gateway setup

We are planning for the upgrade to 9.6 from 6.5. As I know it is not going to be direct one, ie. We should first migrate to 8.x and from 8.x to 9.6 should be done.

In this case, if we plan for phased approach which means taking only certain interfaces to 9.6 initially, the remaining will be in live in 6.5 version until we upgrade them.

So now my doubt is, can three different version of broker ie.6.5, 8.2,9.6 be setup in a single territory and share the documents in a gateway accordingly. Is this possible?

Thanks and Regards,
Sri Lakshmi.G

Hi SriLakshmi,

IMHO, single territory with 3 versions of Broker is not possible.

If you able to achieve it, please let us know.



Thanks . I will rephrase my question in different way now!

Should we have two different gateways to be configured when we have two different versions configured in a broker or only one gateways is sufficient to support two different versions in broker.

Hi SriLakshmi,

This is interesting question and worth exploring.

I guess it is not possible as the document structure of 8.X vastly different from 6.5 due to Authentication/SSL introduction to Broker in 7.X. 8.X document type may look like 9.X.

Another stuff, generally we configure Gateways in MWS and I am not sure whether MWS of 6.5/8.X/9.X supports all version of brokers or not. Also, whether it can be done by changing the config of different brokers.



Maybe the following scenario will fit your needs:

  • install new Broker 9.5 (with split storage (configuration and throughtput data in different files))
  • reconfigure all Environments (6.x, 8.x and 9.x) to use the new broker (this should be possible according to support)
    (make sure to have the lates fixes for Broker, Java-API and JMS-API applied on all instances).

Remember that 6.x and 7.x+ are using different SSL-approaches which are not compatible.

On the other side you can also try the following:
create different territories for each Broker and connect these with gateways: